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I was welcomed with open arms from day one. The compassion from the staff is obvious in the way they treat the patients. They are caring and genuinely true. I’ve had fourteen surgeries in my life and have never received such positive care anywhere else. The most important thing to me and my recovery was being in a positive environment and I felt no negativity from any of the staff, from the nurses down to the business office. Pain management was a worry of mine before I came, but the staff here handled it perfectly. The nurses on Passport, including Janet and Emily were phenomenal.

— M.L.

I have been here before and came back because of the care. Nurses have been great. Everyone is very accommodating to my needs. I’m very contented with them. The rehab team is excellent, I go every day. The care is excellent and I feel like I’ll be spoiled for when I go home to take care of myself!

— M.P.

The facility is very clean and neat, the nurses and all the staff were very helpful to me and to others. I went to activities every day, I never thought I was a painter until I came here, (laughed) and I never knew I could cook either, until we made homemade egg rolls! Overall it was a very nice experience and I would recommend it to others.

— R.C.

I was actually surprised that Sachem Center was a rehab facility. The care has been above and beyond what I expected. Nursing have been very good, and their experience is obvious. The rehab team worked well together to attain the goals they set for me. The kitchen was also very accommodating to meet my individual needs.

— J.B.

I continue to return to Sachem Center for Health & Rehab, even though I live in Quincy, because the nursing staff is the best, the therapy team is outstanding and I leave here with the proper training and skills I need to recover from my surgeries. The care is just the best.

— C.J.